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Consolidate payday loan debt -How christian debt consolidation works?
admin Jun 04, 2019

Debt consolidation allows you to have a new loan to pay off outstanding debts. In this way, the debt is consolidated in a single solution thanks to which you can have advantageous interest rates. With this practice, it is possible to close a chapter and open another with a new subject with which to renegotiate…


Debt rescheduling for entrepreneurs
admin May 24, 2019

Anyone who dares to take the step into self-employment today is very brave and must have a good plan in mind. Because aimless you can not do this. Rather, you need a good idea that you not only hold a lot for, but that is designed to ultimately pay off an income that you can…


When do the debts last?
admin May 15, 2019

Insolvent debtors often deduct days until the liabilities that have lapsed over them expire. Unfortunately for them, failure to repay for a certain period does not automatically mean that the debt is unenforceable. What term? The Civil Code provides for two basic deadlines for limitation of debt, counted from the day it is due. The…


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